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Maharashtrian Jewelry

Want to know more about Maharashtrian Jewelry? Please read on through all the pictures.

Get to know Maharashtrian Jewelry.

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What is Tanmani?

The Classical Maharashtrian Ornament contents pears shape(Pan) red and white color stones which is decorated with stones and pearls around medium or small pearls strings(lines) are woven with Jeri. This traditional Marathi jewelry typically used from Peshwa period looks more beautiful with nauvari or paithani.


What is Putali Haar?

Putali Haar is a long traditional necklace which hails from Kolhapur, Maharashtra and is worn by a bride. It is made of Gold discs closely sewn together. These discs contain the imprints of goddess Laxmi who is the goddess for wealth. This necklace represents wealth and fortune for the person wearing it.


What is Thusshi?

Thusshi is a choker style neckpiece woven with the gold beads very closely. It comes with an adjustable dori so that you can adjust it according to your neck.


What is a BorMaal?

This long, beaded necklace is made with wax beads covered in gold plating. The beads will be of a consistent shape and size - generally rounded. The entire ensemble is held together by a brown or red string. The necklace is one of the longer pieces that a bride will wear, as it can hang as low as mid-way to her waist.


What is Vajrateek?

Vajrateek is a beautiful bold traditional Maharashtrian Necklace with beautiful blend of Jondhale Mani - which translated to jowar grain.


What is Kolhapuri Saaj?

Kolhapur Saaj is made of Jav mani (beads) and 21 different designs of leaves shaped pendants. It has a pendant of ruby gemstone in the center. There is a thread woven in the necklace called the Dorla which is meant to protect you from all evil powers. Every pendent is well-known for its own meaning. Out of these 21 pendent, 10 pendent defines the ten avatar or Lord Vishnu, 2 pendent have ruby & emerald stone, 8 pendent are for ashtamangal (ashta means eight & mangal means good happenings) & last pendent is taviz.


What is a Chinchpeti?

Chinchpeti is a traditional choker style pearl necklace. It can have one center pendant or many pendants to enhance its beauty.


What is a Nath?

A Maharashtrian Nath is an ornament worn by women on the nose (Nose ring). It is woven with pearls and studded with Ruby’s and Emeralds. In Maharashtra, the Nath (Nose Ring) is worn on the left nostril and any traditional Maharashtrian outfit will be incomplete without it.